Spearfishing is a sport (recreation) that involves diving and hunting fish with a spear. Some people consider this as a game, and they compete in killing various fish types, and some even do it without diving equipment. Spearfishing without gear is called free diving, and the diver can stay underwater as long as they can hold their breath. And then some people see this activity as a hobby, and they dive for fun and food.

This activity is dangerous, and every future diver should go through some basic training to avoid accidents. Those that would like to become free divers should go through some extreme training where they will learn how to hold their breath for an extended period. They also have to train to avoid panic while they are deep under the surface of the water.

Tips for better spearfishing experience

spearfishingDon’t spend money on gear you won’t use. Perform a quick research and buy equipment other spearfishing divers use. Don’t buy cheap gear, and it is unreliable, and you don’t need unnecessary risk while you are under water. Buying professional level gear is good, but it won’t turn you into a professional. Buy equipment for beginners and work up the ladder. The experience you gain will help you improve; better gear will not speed up the learning process.

Water is dense, and it has its laws. Rather than fighting gravity, you will have to struggle with buoyancy. It’s smart and necessary to wear a weight belt to reduce the amount of strength you will need to stay in the deeps.

Knife is an essential tool that will help you in various situations. Having a good and sharp knife will also be an excellent choice for finishing your prey. It’s fast and the most humane way to end the suffering of a fish that was stabbed by the spear and not killed from it.

Diving requires a lot of strength and endurance, and whoever went on diving, knows how tiring it is. Exercise and keep your physical condition at the top and you will have a great time while spearfishing.

Other tips that will be useful for spearfishing


Spear guns are dangerous weapons/tools, and you should go through some training to avoid injuries and other accidents. Practice with it and don’t shoot it if you aren’t in the water. Read manuals and follow the tutorial on how to use it, to avoid incidents. You should also learn how to maintain the spear gun and keep it in its top condition. Faulty spear gun will ruin your experience, so don’t allow it to happen.

A good wetsuit will keep you warm in coldness that is the deep sea. If you want to dive, then you shouldn’t save money on essential equipment every diver needs. If you don’t have money for all that equipment, then you should rent gear and go on spearfishing courses. You will rent all of the equipment from the company that will assign you a professional who will keep you safe.