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In these years - thank to long distance adoption - life of many
children has changed

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Long Distance adoption !

With a limited financial contribution, distant adoption means giving a child or youth in particularly difficult conditions the possibility of growing up in his own country, respecting his culture and human dignity. It means food, medicines, schooling, a family, the love from far away persons who are concerned with his growth and to participate to his life, exchanging letters, drawings and experiences.

Distant adoptions are organized locally directly by our volunteers or cooperating with reliable local associations. ...



Edus - Educazione e Sviluppo, adozioni a distanza, donazioni bambini, biglietti compleanno - Trento Education is a human right and a key factor to reducing poverty and child labour and promoting democracy, peace, tolerance and development". (Paragraph 36 of the Draft outcome document - as of June 29th 2001- A World Fit For Children).

The starting point of any activity in favor of children is the acknowledgement of their being persons. This definition recalls immediately the issue of identity and of building such identity within unfavorable or extremely difficult environments, such as it may be experienced in countries in conflict.

The personal identity is defined as "being in relation" with somebody else. This enables the person to structure and at the same time, to consolidate his/her uniqueness.

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 Education: a process of self-discovery, a revelation of reality and a first step on the path toward development. 

In more than 20 years in East Africa and the Great Lakes Region, AVSI has viewed education as a critical aspect of an approach to each country, each intervention, each person

It is a component of nearly every programme, be it an initiative to help families send their children to school, a campaign to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, or a project to build a community’s agricultural self-sufficiency

Across sectors, education fosters improved health, economic independence and personal development

Today, in countries that struggle to educate their young people to a backdrop of HIV/AIDS, poverty and conflict, AVSI emphasises a more comprehensive definition of education...



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In the past 14 years, some areas of Uganda have been devastated by violent and brutal conflicts. In particular, the northern districts have been subject to continuous and violent attacks by the LRA guerrillas, resulting in a huge number of victims and widespread material damage.

These attacks delay an adequate and complete development of the economic and social life. Incursions, assaults and fires in the villages, food raids, killings, mutilations, and kidnappings of adults and children are common.  ....


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